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Welcome to WORDLE PB Wiki 


JISC Project - Worcester College of Technology Digital Literacy


This is the link to the project bid JISC have:



Original Bid Document


Interim April 2012

Interim Oct 2012



Baseline Studies


Baseline information has been gained from a range of perspectives and sources that will inform our knowledge and understanding of our college community profile and help identify any emerging key issues we may need to investigate further 


Baseline Reading

Overview of Digital Literacy Definitions and Interpretation in Literature

Key Literatures in Digital Generation (Terms referred to: Digital natives; digital immigrants; Millennials; GenX; Net Generation; Google Generation; Digital generation; Generation Y; Growing up digital)

Third Party Findings – Digital Literacy and the Expectations of FE

HE Expectations - SWOT feedback document


Baseline Case Study A

Just curious - the spectrum of understanding the term 'digital literacy' and associated terms

(Link to Audit Tool)


Baseline Case Study B

Baseline - Attribute Survey (Confidences/skills/Abilities/Usage) - self assessment

(Link to Audit Tool)


Baseline Case Study C 

Students and Teachers - Perceptions about others digital literacy skills

(Link to Audit Tool) (interviews also conducted)


Baseline Case Study Pilot

Baseline - Pilot - The need to look closely at Information Literacy


Baseline Report: Landscape Review of College for Digital Literacy (Word DRAFT)


Other Useful Information - Landscaping:

Ownership of Technology (Small Scale Survey results) - conducted 6 months prior to Wordle project


Interesting Anecdote on assumptions of the digital skills of students and staff when using word 

Interesting Anecdote on the copy and paste habits of some learners
Initial Interviews prior to project start-up:
Study Centre Team - Nick Taylor
Learning Support Team - Jo Sliwa

Teacher - Peter Lewis

Existing Practice College VLE and Study Centres  - http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/page.aspx?o=ferl.aclearn.resource.id37249

Improving Learning through Study Centre Environments - http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/page.aspx?o=263420  

Prior journal into Information Literacy writen in conjunction with Worcester College of Technology & University of Worcester - http://ojs.lboro.ac.uk/ojs/index.php/JIL/article/view/PRA-V4-I1-2010-1 

Study Centre Video - Introducing our Study Centres at Induction




Deeper Investigation


Information Seeking: Students

(Link to Audit Tool)


Rational and planning behind the full information Seeking Investigation


Book Task


Lottery Task


Newspaper Task


Weather Task


Video Task


Credible Published Source Task




Staff Investigation: Skills to use technology for educational purposes


Staff survey 1 (trad learning theories, e-learning theories and 21st century google skills) Results from this survey

Staff survey 2






Implementing the support phase - OCN units, pilots and dissemination


Pilots of exisiting OCN units to meet our needs L3 ~(Wendy Parry - Head of Library Services/Study Centres)


OCN Units - Units that have been approved/awaiting approval


Student OCN Pilots Blog (Online Information Seeking) L2

Staff OCN Pilots Blog (Structuring a VLE) L2


Staff OCN pilot - 2nd cohort


Student Pilot OCN Online presence L2

Student focus group - online presence for e-portfolio (foundation degree)


Module Development - Blending traditional and online learning techniques (Helen & Richard)

Active Learning OCN unit ideas (Helen & Richard)


Google Age staff CPD sessions - disseminating the support need information literacy


PAL audit and raising digital literacy skills for PAL



Evaluation progression Model  


Evaluation - Viv Bell's work in progress, thoughts from course team has been uploaded into files area.


Dissemination Files


Nottingham E-FAIR PPT (21st June 2012)

Notts handout -HE Expectations 

Webinar 18th March 2013 - Powerpoint

Other dissemination info 

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