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Level 4 Online presence e-portfolio - student focus group

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Working with students to develop tailored OCN support at level 3/4


Students on the foundation degree in fashion approached the ILT team with a request for e-portfolio sdupport after hearing about an OCN unit in Olnine presence. The current unit being piloted with L2 users offers a very basic breakdown of understanding online presence (both professional and social) and offers learners the opportunity to build themsleves an online presence to market themselves. At foundation degree level having an e-portfolio is part and parcel of their practice and a requirement of their course. This is not supported in terms of the digital literacy skills needed to create a professional online presence or e-portfolio, nor is there any guidance as to what tools are most appropriate. The L2 unit covers this but at L4 the learners need to be more reflective and assess the best way to promote themselves as young professionals in their field but also for assessment in their end of year show.


The learners have requested support in choosing and using an e-portfolio and this was an opportunity for us on the digital literacy project to work closely with students to find out the skills they need and their needs in terms of promoting themselves online. The lessons learned from this experience will help develop a L3/L4 online presence unit that caters directly for the needs of learners who need to create a professional and more mature digital portfolio. The students will help shape the OCN unit, the content covered, the outcomes to ensure it targets the support areas necessary. The input into the process of writing the OCN will ensure it is meeting the right needs and skills areas needed at this important time and level of education. These skills would also be valuable beyond just the learning context for such individuals to use the web to promote their skills, talents and business.

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